Parents' Rights

I believe that parents should have the right to direct the education of their children. They should have the right to choose what, how, and when their children learn.

Safety & Security

I believe the safety of our students is the #1 priority. Physical, emotional, and mental safety is an integral aspect of an effective learning environment. No student can reach their academic potential without feeling safe.

Teachers and Admin

I believe teachers are the cornerstone for a quality education. It's our duty, as a district, to attract and retain top-level talent. Part of this strategy is on the district to ensure our teachers and administrators have access to all the resources they need to continue providing outstanding services to our students.

Other Issues:

Aaron is FOR:

...and AGAINST:

Quality Education

Our district should prepare students for life after graduation, regardless of whether graduates enter the workforce, attend college, or complete a trade program. We should lean on the pillars of math and reading, while providing career and technical training opportunities.


Educational equity is critical to increasing academic performance for all students. Unfortunately, this concept has been hijacked and dressed as DEI, which is little more than racist propoganda.

Financial Oversight

Every organization should be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure effective use of financial resources. I believe it's important to audit our schools and our district to make sure we're utilizing taxpayer dollars efficiently.

School Choice

No single environment is perfect for all students. I believe school choice, of all types, is critical for providing options to helping students learn best.