About Aaron

Who is Aaron?

Aaron is a D20 parent, with 3 young boys. He and his wife, Cortney, have been married for 9 years. Aaron owns a small business that serves the Colorado Springs community.

Aaron graduated from Auburn University with a BA in psychology and a minor in philosophy. He earned his Masters of Social Work from Florida State University.

Despite his formal education, Aaron has spent most of his professional life in software development and project management. Over 3 years of his career have been spent in educational technologies, and education remains a constant passion for him.

What has Aaron Done?

Aaron is a founding board member for New Summit Charter Academy, having served for 3.5 years. He assisted in writing the initial charter and several grant applications. He is currently serving as the board chair and has sat in that role for nearly half of his tenure.

As a huge believer in community, Aaron and his family have been part of launching a new church in our community. He currently leads the small group ministry.

Why is Aaron Running?

Academy District 20 is an elite school district in our community, and in our state. Aaron looks forward to building on our existing foundation to help students be as prepared as possible for their future.

Also, Aaron has established relationships with several state legislators. With his election to the District 20 board, he utilize those relationships to protect family values and parental choice in our community.