The Conservative Team for D20

"Three conservative candidates who will bring common sense to the school board: Aaron Salt, Nicole Konz, and Tom LaValley ... These 3 candidates can make real change in Academy District 20."
Jeff Crank
Conservative Radio Host

Aaron Salt

Nicole Konz

Tom LaValley

We know what it means to work together as a conservative team
to make effective change for students in D20

"The Gazette endorses Aaron Salt, Nicole Konz, and Tom LaValley. All three are committed to making D-20 the best it can be and won't rest on raggedy laurels."
Gazette Editorial Board
Oct 4, 2021

While other candidates are talking about “what not to do,” touting their endorsements by the progressive teachers union, and pushing for higher administrative costs, comprehensive sex ed, mask mandates…

Aaron Salt, Nicole Konz, and Tom LaValley have:

"Aaron Salt, Nicole Konz, and Tom LaValley are the conservative leaders we need to empower D20 parents. They have the passion, knowledge, and experience to make positive change for our students, so they can reach their fullest potential."
Rep. Tim Geitner, HD19
Rep. Tim Geitner
House Education Committee

Our students in Academy District 20 are being bombarded with progressive agendas. This is distracting our students, our staff, and our administrators from what is really important — strong academics. Below is the only team with experience in educational leadership.

Please Vote For This Conservative Team

By November 2nd!

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